Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Torres 2000 vs. Torres 2005

I'm feeling very good about deciding to score a copy of the original 2000 Torres.

Rio Grande Games has posted a pic of the box front of the Torres reprint with Franz Vohwinkel doing the graphic design:

This is the box front of the original featuring Alessandra Cimatoribus art:

The like the original a lot more. If the board and card graphics follow the same pattern, then I'll be happy that I knew the original art could not be improved upon. It's distinctive, it's different from the scores of medieval art designs for games, and it fits Torres's theme to a "T".

Still can't wait to see the rest of the new Torres though. And I hope it brings a fantastic game back to the boardgaming fore. The sub-Top-100 rating Torres has on Boardgamegeek simply doesn't do the game any justice.

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