Sunday, February 13, 2005

Game Night - February 12, 2005 - Capsule

Game night at Frog & George's Place

Frog, George, Javy, Erik, Greg, Nix, Rick

The Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation [Learning games for Nix & Javy]
Light (Rick) d. Dark (Nix) [2 games]
Dark (Javy) d. Light (Nix) [1 game]

Tikal [Learning game for Frog, George & Javy]
Frog 94
George 90
Rick 86
Javy 75

Goa [Learning game for Nix]
Greg 44
Erik 41
Nix 36

Puerto Rico
[Results to follow]


voidphoenix said...

That PR game was a doozy, running out of VP chips and almost running out of buildings in the same round (turn? Governor cycle?) PLayers in turn order: Frog, Greg, Javy, Nix, George. Opening was mainline... The first game I ever scored more on shipping than building. Frog and Greg stole my factory (my favorite build), I ended up with harbor-wharf, some 42 shipping, 22 building and 8 bonus (72 total). Javy came in second, 60-something I think. The complete scores are in the box.

I like Titus' idea of keeping track of all our games. I'm working on an ELO-based ranking system (like I did for MtG before DCI... they ended up using pretty much the same system I created). Still have kinks to figure out, like handling the 3/4/5 players per game, among other things.

Maybe we can get foreign gamers together and form an international group, sort of like a FIDE for PR. Having international rankings would be neat, with tourneys, BSW and other sites being the normalization factor. Ah well, something to think about.

Rick said...

72?!?! Ok, somebody was taking the craftsman far too damn much. I guess it was probably you. :D If Frog and Greg grabbed the factories, they probably missed the harbors, so they should have built out as fast as possible. I guess that didn't quite come together eh? 72VP is massive.