Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yes, I've Been Away

I've been away in several ways. I was away physically, being in three different countries over the course of two weeks. I was away mentally, with the jet lag killing all semblance of a routine and events forcing me to play catch-up with my own sense of equilibrium. I've also been away spiritually, choosing to give some of my life to other pursuits in the interim. There was no weblogging for about ten weeks. There was a lot of time with my family and friends and other hobbies. There was some vacation and travel and beachbumming and walking around in the rain.

And yes, there was some game playing. We'll get back to talking about games in the next post, now that my fingers have gotten reacquainted with the feel of writing with the electronic pen again.

I've tossed out the piece I did on the fateful convergence of myself, Gil Hova and Joe Gola. I didn't like it. During the time away I guess I got in touch with the artist squirreled away in the recesses of my brain, and he thought that my writing (especially my game-oriented writing) was tremendously boring.

Joe did this. Gil did that. Rick scored this many points. Joe laughed. Gil gestured. Rick won. Pah. Boring. Deleted.

Granted, rewriting the story of The Day We Played the MYSTERIOUS GAME OF MYSTERY (tm) from my fading ten-week-old memory will be a challenge. It's a good bet that I won't remember any details about where Joe moved his silly Blue Moon token, or how many points I scored when playing Gil's prototype, or how strange we thought Rotundo's theme was. What I DO hope is that the things I remember will remain interesting for myself to write, and for those few patient readers of this weblog to read.

It's coming up within the next 24 hours.

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