Sunday, September 25, 2005

When the Wishlist Runs Dry

Gerald asked me an interesting question in the Geek of the Week feature on BGG. After my last buying spree, what were my top five games that I wanted to add to my collection that were in print?

I had this piddling little list to answer:


So, three card games and two 2P abstracts are all I have left. 2005 has been a tremendously weak year in terms of meatier games that I'm interested in. Louis XIV and Shadow of the Emperor was the extent of additions. The Essen list is also looking very weak, with only Kramer's Hacienda, and Knizia's E&T das Kartenspiel looking like they would merit a second look.

(I must admit to being very cool on Martin Wallace games. Similar to Friedemann Freiese's games, Wallace games feel just short of being completed. His best game, Age of Steam, is a pale shadow of 1830 and has a theme-breaking mechanism that I can't abide. So I really have no interest in Tempus or Byzantium.)

The saving grace is the reprinting of Reef Encounter and RA in the short term, and Medici, Stephenson's Rocket and Taj Mahal in the medium term. (Though I already have the RGG Taj, and am wary of Reef Encounter because it might be like Power Grid - a good game, surely, but clearly not yet polished.)

One can only hope that Reiner has a gamer's game in the works. Otherwise, 2005 will be one of the weakest years for German games in a very long time.

I suppose that this is a good problem to have. My narrow interest in types of games keeps my collection (and related things like spending and space) sane. :)


At Tuesday, September 27, 2005 11:12:00 AM, Anonymous Linnaeus said...

It's by a brand new designer (always a bit of a dicey proposition), but Ostia really looks like it might scratch that heavy gamer/systems game itch. My only major concern is that the listed playing time (1 hr.) smacks a bit of middleweight.


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