Friday, March 25, 2005

Gaming bullets 24-25 March

Before my memory faddes like smoke in the wind...

24 March, Monchot's birthday bash

Played before I arrived:
Puerto Rico [5P] (Javy, Greg, Monchot, Eileen, Frank) - won by Greg

After I arrived:
Modern Art [4P] (Erik, Frank, Monchot, Greg) - Won by ?
Bluff [5P] (Titus, George, Annie, Cyndi, Rick) - Two games, both won by Cyndi
Modern Art [5P] (Same crew plus Tala) - Won by ?
Paris Paris [4P] (George, Annie, Cyndi, Rick) - Won by Annie
Call of Cthulhu CCG [2P] (Rick, Frog) - Won by Frog

After I left:
Puerto Rico [5P] (Greg, Frog, George, Nix, Monchot) - Won by Nix

25 March

The Princes of Florence [5P] (Martin, Nix, Frog, Frank, Rick) - Won by Martin
The Princes of Florence [4P] (Same crew less Martin) - Won by Frog
Pirate's Cove [4P] (Annie, Erik, Jay John, George) - Won by ?
Bluff [5P] (Pirate's Cove crew + Monchot) x 2 - Won by ?
Give Me the Brain [5P] (Bluff crew) - Won by?
Mamma Mia [4P] (Rick, Frog, George, Nix) - Won by Rick
Paris Paris [4P] (Annie, Jay John, Frank, Rick) - Won by Rick
Modern Art [4P] (George, Erik, Monchot, Nix) - Won by ?
Inkognito [5P] (Titus, Jay John, Rick, Frank, Annie) - Won by Rick and Annie
Modern Art [5P] (Annie, Rick, Frank, George, Jay John) - Won by Rick
Dragon Delta [6P] (Deej, Erik, Titus, Annie, Rick, Monchot) - Game called on account of stupidity
Torres [4P] (Rick, Annie, Deej, Titus) - Won by Deej
Puerto Rico [5P] (Frog, Nix, George, Erik, Jay John) - Won by Frog
Falling [4P] (Titus, Deej, Annie, Rick) 3x - Won by Rick (2x) and Annie
Pueblo [3P] with Sacred Burial Grounds (Annie, Deej, Rick) - Won by Rick

Corrections and details later...


Linnaeus said...

omg! You lost a game of PoF within your gaming group!


Tala =) said...

Give me the brain! Waaah! Too bad I missed this one. Sniffu.

Titus said...

Correction: We did finish Dragon Delta. I won. But it was judged to be stupid. :)

I liked Torres however. I wanna play it again.

Rick said...

Oh yeah. We tried to erase the memory of that game so much that we forgot you "won" it. Still stupid, I need to write a review to warn people away from it.

I also forgot that there was a game of RA that went on while we were playing Torres.

Torres? Anytime, anywhere. One of my top 5 games. :)