Sunday, March 12, 2006

The "Big" Order

Well, I'm sitting in my hotel room in Jersey. I'm still a bit woozy from turning my body clock around. It's 8:30am here, but it's 9:30 back home and my system is still insisting that I get ready to head to bed.

Anyway, I just sent off an order to Fair Play Games as recommended by Mr. Joe Gola. I hope this goes off without a hitch. On their website they estimate 2-3 days to deliver to the East. Assuming they get the shipment off by tomorrow, I should expect the games to arrive by Friday. This also marks the first time I've ever put my credit card information online, ever. I'm just ultra-wary of credit card information theft on the web. And here I am risking it all for a bunch of boardgames. It's an unhealthy fixation, I tell you.

Anyway, as I've written before my wishlist is woefully thin at the moment. I augmented my order with a bunch of R&R party games which cannot be had in Manila. Sometime, a good party game is what we're in the mood for and you can only play so much Cranium. Besides, Snoop Glenn's new "You Must Be an Idiot!" is intriguing to me.

So, this is what I ordered:

Hacienda $24.45
Merchants of Amsterdam $27.95
Meuterer $8.45
Power Grid Expansion : France & Italy $10.55
3 Puerto Rico Expansion $10.35
Sticheln $8.45
Thingamajig $13.95
Tichu $7.95
Time's Up $14.45
Time's Up Expansion 1 $6.95
Time's Up Expansion 2 $6.95
You Must Be An Idiot! $13.95
Sub total : $154.40
Shipping - United States - UPS : $0.00
Total : $154.40

Thanks to Tom and Joe at The Dice Tower, I had the discount code for free shipping for an order > $150. I was just short so I tossed in a copy of Tichu even though it's likely that I'll never get that to the table, ever.

If the games arrive by Friday I'll have something to bring along if the rendezvous with the Hovas and Gola (wow that rhymes) happens.


ekted said...

Welcome to the US. :)

Ryan Walberg said...

Enjoy the USA. I used to live in Minneapolis; it's beautiful, though I hear it's snowy.

I was actually going to tell you this earlier, but I think you'll be a tad disappointed with Hacienda. Let me know what you think.

Melissa said...

I'll keep working on you to pop down to Melbourne if you do come to Sydney later in the year.

It's only a 1 hour flight...

Have fun!!

Fraser said...

Power Grid Italy/France for US$10.95? Sigh. It is not available in Australia and if and when it ever is it will probably be AUS$40 at least. At least Stefanie has a copy she got at Essen last year. We've played Italy so far, but I want my own one.