Thursday, January 19, 2006

Games around Asia and a Time-travelling Note

I hadn't realized that I'd been away from the weblogs for over three weeks now. My last posts were from mid-January, after I began a series of three trips - to Bangkok, then to Hong Kong, then back to Hong Kong where I am right now.

I took up boardgames as a hobby in between "major" jobs - i.e. the jobs where I do a huge amount of stuff for a transnational corporation and travel a lot. This kind of travel has allowed me to "see" gaming around Asia and meet fellow gamers. These were my first trips to Bangkok and Hong Kong while being a boardgame hobbyist.

My last post promised the story of my afternoon with Dale Walton. It's coming, but don't mind the date. I've been writing the posts but haven't been completing and publishing them on time. So, I'm publishing these things with past timestamps. Not hugely important, but some of you may wonder. Anyway, on with the tales.

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