Friday, October 21, 2005

The Gamewire ceases transmission

In an announcement that stunned the boardgaming hobby, Rick Thornquist announced that The Gamewire (or at least The Gamewire by Rick Thornquist) is no more.

Adam Hill, the proprietor of Gamefest, has indicated that The Gamewire will continue, but without the full-time work that Rick put into it, the continued quality of the content is in doubt.

More than ever, gamers looking for news and information on boardgames will need to turn to Boardgamegeek, which is becoming increasingly difficult to use effectively as the influx of members continues.

I join the hobby in thanking Rick for his efforts over the past years in bringing us the latest and hottest news and information on the games we love. The Gamewire by Rick Thornquist will be missed.