Thursday, August 04, 2005

Paradigm Infinitum, Singapore

Those of you who read my main blog, Everyday Insight, know that I've been flying in and out of Singapore a lot lately. While all this travel tires me out (Sing is a 3-hour flight, which is a 5 to 6 hour journey from my home to the hotel), it allows me to visit what's perhaps the best-stocked boardgame store in Southeast Asia - Paradigm Infinitum or simply PI.

PI is located at the Midpoint Orchard mall on the well-known Orchard Road. Its proprietor is a friendly fellow named David. The shop carries miniatures, CCGs, roleplaying manuals and boardgames. It's got tables for playing, which are usually occupied by minis. On the boardgame front, David carries a pretty good selection of games from all the major US publishers - Rio Grande, Days of Wonder, Z-Man, Fantasy Flight and Avalon Hill/WOTC/Hasborg. He also has a lot of the niche games from smaller publishers, like the Zombies! line, Lunch Money, Return of the Heroes, and so on.

There are usually people browsing the games on the shelves, and turnover seems to be pretty good. Singapore is lucky to have such a place to shop for games. On this trip (I'm in Sing right now) I picked up Samurai, Through the Desert and Louis XIV. I was looking hard at Tower of Babel and In the Shadow of the Emperor, but ultimately I left them behind. Titus asked me to look out for Shadows over Camelot but it's out of stock (pity, there were copies around last trip).

I hope I don't get the game boxes dinged on the way home.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Surely, you mean 'Damien'?

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