Sunday, July 10, 2005

Game Night 9 July 2005

This blog is resurrected via the power of my Blackberry, which is allowing me to post from the Manila airport while waiting for my flight.

I'm going to try to catch up on the events of the past few weeks as downtime allows me to use the BB. For now, I'll just mention last night's gaming which I wasn't around for.

The gang played Taboo thrice! That was out of left field. Annie again asserted her dominance in Taj Mahal, while Greg cleaned up in Puerto Rico. Someone won a game of RA as well. Thanks to Frog for the report.

Over the past couple of days I got back on BSW after a long absence. Gerald showed me the implementations of Einfach Genial (pretty good) and Verflixxt (a bit overdone). Won my first two games of Ingenious, and also won a game of Princes of Florence where we were joined by the always-entertaining Josh Adelson, better known as Mister Cranky.

I'll try to visit Paradigm Infinitum in Singapore this afternoon to see if there' anything new. I hope Louis XIV is in stock.

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